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Placement - I had a dream about you

May. 15th, 2013 04:35 pm Placement

I've been doing my music therapy pre-clinical placement at a special needs school, to give some background.

Today was such an interesting one. I had my penultimate music group and I brought the cello in to gauge how the children will respond. Lo and behold, they actually responded to it just as nicely as the keyboard/voice/percussion combo. When I wanted to change, I just altered my way of playing, I just didn't feel the need to change instrument at all. I was so worried about not having the vocabularly or ability to improvise on the cello for so long and it turns out I'm completely capable of doing so. I did a solo improv on it in class the day before the first group, and I felt frustrated in my own inability to make the notes I wanted, that I decided against bringing it, but even at that point, I was told that my improv was 'on another level' and 'very expressive', it just wasn't as musical as I wanted it to be. Since then, I've had some really interesting times improvising with the cello. The best one (apart from today ) was during the exhibition where everybody else gravitated to percussion instruments, and I suddenly realised I was the only harmonic instrument in the room, and I couldn't play a 'wrong' note.

There were some limitations to the cello, in that I do still squeak a bit (although the kids didn't mind), the movement isn't quite as smooth between instruments, so I didn't feel I couldn't pick up any percussion, although you can use it percussively. The main issue is I still have difficulty using the voice in conjunction with the cello, which was a big issue in the solo improv above. I did sing at times, but it did alter my movement on the cello, i.e. the first singing I did was picking the open strings into chords, and then moving between two notes, or singing above a single note. I think the main thing is to just keep singing and playing, as it didn't feel natural the first time I sang and played the piano, but now, it's something I'm experienced at doing, so it feels freeer, more normal I suppose. I'm working on arranging 'One day like this' for cello and voice, I have a nice local open mic night to go to, and I've got the summer to really work on my playing.

I also should probably learn my hello song on the cello (it's in G so it shouldn't be too hard), as that's the only thing I used the keyboard for today ;D

Here's a picture of a quagsire, just because.

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