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I wish my Mum was as nocturnal as I am - I had a dream about you

Aug. 22nd, 2013 12:01 am I wish my Mum was as nocturnal as I am

I've got a job interview on Tuesday and I'm really unsure about whether I want the job. I had therapy this morning and I wanted to go for it but now I don't know - I was certain when I though I was going to get a pay rise.

-It's music teaching, which is obviously very relevant to what I want to do
Con - I always said I didn't want to be a music teacher

Pro- It's confirmed hours and it fits my schedule
Con - It's confirmed hours meaning no impromptu time off or headstart

Pro- it's a promotion
Con - more responsibility for the same pay (around £100 for 1 and 1/2 days)

Pro - I'll know where I'm going each week
Con - I'll have lesson plans to prepare

Pro - Fridays off
Con - More prep

I wish I could talk to my mum but it's midnight

I think I'm going to go ahead with the interview - but I've got to prep for that and I really don't want it to ruin my holiday.

Urgh, I'll ring her tomorrow...

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